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Randolph County E9-1-1 Addressing Information

2023 Addressing Schedule: 
Approximately every 3 weeks.

(weather pending)

You will be emailed your verified 911 address by the following Monday.

If you do not receive your email by this day please call our office at 256-357-4894.


Step One

Fill out New Address Application

Step Two

Application is reviewed by the 911 GIS

Step Three

Approved Application is placed in pending status

to be completed on the next addressing date.

Step Four

RC-911 GIS assigns new 911 address.

Step Five

New Address is sent to the applicant by the

email address provided on the application.

Why do I need a 911 address?

A 911 address helps emergency services locate residents in an emergency. A faster response time can make a significant difference in survival and degree of recovery. 

A 911 is also often a requirement for obtaining phone service, building permits, drivers license renewals, land titles, loans, utility services, mail delivery, insurance and for other purposes requiring a site location.

What is a 911 address?

A 911 address is a site location address assigned using a standardized mileage measurement system that is accurate to 1/100 of a mile to a driveway or residence on a named road. Measurements start at the south or west end of a road. Addresses on the left side of the road are odd number and addresses on the right side of the road are even numbered.

Please Post your 911 Address.

To assist emergency services in locating your address, please post your 911 address number at the entrance to your driveway or on the front of your home. Numbers should be large enough to be visible from the roadway and should be reflective. 

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